New beginnings at 4 B

Unit of Inquiry

Students were introduced to the first unit on ‘Media’ which served as a medium of expressing ourselves. The unit introductory letter was shared with students and they analysed the information therein to understand the intended learning from this unit. This enabled them to formulate their individual success criteria for this unit. Observing the display boards helped to further their understanding of the term media. They examined the elements and analyzed the pros and cons of the different types of media – print, audio and audio visuals.

Students understood the different components of media – like newspaper, brochures, leaflets, magazines, live news and television advertisements etc. They critically analysed the use of taglines, logos, mascots & jingles as forms of media.


During English classes, prior knowledge on the use of punctuation was assessed. Learners were introduced to degrees of comparison. The learning from the unit on media was integrated with the English lessons wherein students watched two commercials and analysed how they were used to persuade the viewer towards making a choice. This was followed by a discussion on persuasive writing. Unit of inquiry was furthered understanding when students learned to differentiate between facts and opinions seen in advertisements. 

Links used during English lessons


Math classes for the academic year began with a session on getting to know each other through an activity. Numbers between 0 – 12 were pasted around the room. The teacher asked some questions (e.g. How many pets do you have? How old are you? How many siblings do you have?). Based on the answers students were grouped where each one stated one more fact about  numbers, and thus got a sense about numbers in the real world. 

Students developed group work skills by participating in an interesting group task ‘100 numbers to get students talking’ wherein they sat in groups of 4 and had to find and circle numbers from 1-100, while taking  turns to discover patterns in numbers.

Students also framed some essential agreements with their teacher to ensure a positive learning environment during Math classes.

The number system concepts were revisited in subsequent classes – students displayed the attribute of being knowledgeable as they recapped some previously learnt concepts.

Students made real life connections about estimation of numbers during a small group activity. They discussed and noted down examples about estimation of money, cost of items, weight of items etc.


Students read a Hindi poem – Lalchee Bandar – thus enhancing their reading skills.To hone their writing skills they wrote ‘naye shabd’, ’milte-julte’ shabd. They practiced varn-vichched and visheshhan.To enhance their listening skills, students watched a video  ‘Do bailon ki katha’ – and tried to assign a learner profile for the same. 


Learners were assessed on their prior knowledge through a think, pair, and share strategy. They developed their time management skills by completing the work on time and enhanced their social skills by sharing their knowledge with their peers. A ‘Jeux de role’ (role play) gave them an opportunity to converse in French with their peers, hence enhancing their communication skills. As they assessed their peers during this activity and gave constructive feedback, they developed the learner attribute of being reflective.


Students engaged in an activity based on the learner profile attribute during Spanish lessons, wherein they were asked to illustrate a learner profile. Students drew images, wrote the learner profile in Spanish and presented it to their peers. This activity enhanced their thinking, self-management and social skills.


Students interacted with each other and talked about different activities they enjoyed during the summer break.  The week began with a discussion on essential agreements for a productive class. Each student had a unique perspective of the challenges that they have faced in the past years, and tried to list possible solutions to improve the classroom environment. 

Visual Art

Students began their new academic year discussing the art room norms and establishing some agreements. They also expressed their understanding of the learner profile attributes, values and attitudes they would like to display in the art room.

While introducing the unit, “Media” students experienced, observed, analyzed and reflected on some newspaper advertisements to understand the different elements.  


Dance lessons were focused on development of kicks. Students practiced different combination of kicks and were well engaged in the activity as they learned coordination in movements.


The students were introduced to note values like quarter, half, dotted half, whole and eighth notes. They also practiced singing the song ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ to mark India’s independence day.

Physical education

The students started the new session with swimming classes. They were introduced to the basic skills in swimming such as freestyle and backstroke and practiced swimming across the breadth of the pool. They were also briefed about the safety rules to be followed during swimming class.


Students were given a library tour to make them aware of how to browse for books keeping the arrangement of book s in mind.  Essential agreements for the library were discussed and explained to students to maintain  decorum of literary space.  They were encouraged to borrow one Hindi and one English book this week.