Second week of September

Social emotional learning lesson

Unit of Inquiry

Students discussed the influence of media on their choices through a tug of
war activity. They expressed their opinion as to whether media had a
positive or negative influence on their decision making. Using data
analysis, they interpreted the impact of media on popularity of brands by
interpreting the case study on the popular instant food brand Maggi. They
were also given a brief idea of the various professions associated with the
field of media. Students were formatively assessed on how media helped them
make responsible choices. Two guest speaker sessions were held wherein
parents from grade level involved in professions relevant to media apprised
students of netiquettes and how to be responsible digital citizens. Students
showcased their understanding of the unit by creating posters & audio visual
advertisements on various social media platforms as part of their summative


Students attempted a formative task on persuasive writing on a topic of
their choice. Students distinguished between countable and uncountable nouns
and watched the following video to understand the use of this part of

Countable and uncountable nouns

They understood the differentiation between genders in grammar. They watched
TED talk videos and discussed ways to speak effectively and convincingly to
persuade others. They identified different parts of a newspaper as well and
documented their learning in the process journals. Their knowledge of
spellings was peer assessed using a spell bee activity.


Students made real life connections by estimating the sum of various items
from advertisements in newspapers. They calculated and then compared the
estimated and the actual cost. Thus they were able to identify situations
where estimating numbers can prove to be advantageous for preparing a
reasonable budget. Students progressed in their learning of the operations
of addition and multiplication. They made informed choices in applying
different strategies to multiply numbers. The array method, the lattice
method evoked student interest and enthusiasm. Students then reflected using
the strategy ‘I used to think…..Now I think’ to express how their confidence
in multiplying large numbers has developed.

Math was integrated with the Unit of Inquiry as students understood the
impact of visual representation on analysis of data for easy and
effective use. Students observed the link below to understand how graphs
(pie chart, line graph and bar graph) helped interpret the influence of
social media on the Maggi crisis.

Interpretation of Maggi crisis of 2015 through graphs



To enhance their vocabulary skills, students wrote ‘Vilom Shabd’. They made
posters to create awareness on the effects of smartphones and wrote slogans
to speak their mind. Reading ‘Samachar patraa ki aatmkathaa enhanced their
fluency ‘. A spell bee was taken too.

Ab initio

Phase 1-

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, marked on 14 September, students discussed
sustainability and the Gandhian philosophy. They learnt few vyanjans with
‘आ’ मात्रा (aa maatraa)

Phase 2-

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, marked on 14 September, students discussed
sustainability and Gandhian philosophy. They engaged in a tug of war
activity on the advantages and disadvantages of a smartphone. They also made
a poster to depict the impact of the technology on human life.


Through a Gallery walk, students were exposed to different advertisements in
French. Then they shared their first and second understanding using ‘Share
a sticky note’ strategy. This classroom engagement allowed them to be
actively engaged and they developed their thinking skills (applying prior
knowledge). Later, they collaborated in small groups to create an
advertisement using their choice of media (print/ audio-visual), hence
promoting student agency. They collaboratively created the success criteria
for the advertisement, hence enhancing their social skills (respecting and
supporting others)


Students learned to write a letter in Spanish, wherein they were introduced
to how to start and end a letter.

Students wrote letters on colored sheets to their parents, family members
and friends about their likes and dislikes. This activity helped them build
their social and communication skills by sharing information and supporting
others in their tasks.


Students learned to differentiate between real and fake news. They were
shown a video to understand the important elements which will help them to
differentiate between real and fake news. Students used their thinking
skills and attempted a quiz based on the identification of fake news.
Students analyzed and shared their understanding using a Padlet link.

Students learned about different types of social media. They discussed the
rules to stay safe online and to be a good netizen. Students enhanced their
research skills by exploring online about cyber safety. As an integration of
ICT with UOI, students are making a pamphlet to spread awareness on the
usage of social media.

Visual Art

Students created layouts for print advertisements by applying their
knowledge of elements of an advertisement; they also wrote creative taglines
for their product. They are in the process of creating their final artwork
using the elements of print ad – focusing on brand, logo, typography,
stylized font and colour schemes. Students are using a combination of
watercolours and colour pencils.


Lessons were focused on development of kicks and back bend walk where
students practiced different combination of specific steps. Students
understood the difference between performing arts and visual art during a
discussion. They also got to know the different stage positions used in


The students played various notes on the bongo. After gaining knowledge
about note values, they were able to listen to a rhythm and play it back on
the bongo. Some of the students also were able to create their own rhythmic

They sang ‘I Love My Teacher’ ( <> for their teachers on teachers’ day.

The students also integrated with the unit of inquiry where they learned and
discussed how music is made popular through media. They created jingles to
promote products.

Physical education

Students continued with their unit on swimming. They were given workout in
25 meters and 50 meters in different strokes like freestyle, backstroke and
breaststroke to improve their endurance and speed.


This year the summer assignment challenge aimed at developing analytical and
thinking skills. Students undertook an extensive and meaningful assignment
and presented insightful reflections based on The De Bono’s hats thinking
strategies for the stories they read.

Winners of the summer challenge celebrated their victory on September 3,
2019 by dressing up as favourite characters from their respective stories
and went on a character parade to instil the love for reading across school.

Students enjoyed their celebratory ice cream and attention. The school takes
pride in awarding winners with an interdisciplinary certificate of
appreciation that applauds their efforts

Social-emotional learning

The aim of the session conducted this week was to enable students label
their feelings, sensations and thoughts through engaging activities like
mystery emotion game. Children identified emotions in the flashcards
presented to them, enacted them while their peers guessed the emotions .
Children later shared the feelings associated with those emotions. The
emotions which were identified this week were anger, disgust, joy, surprise
and nervousnes

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