Space explorations continue….

Students inquiring about the space agencies and their future space missions

Unit of Inquiry

During the unit of inquiry classes, students displayed international mindedness by inquiring about  different space agencies in India and across the world (local to global perspective). They researched about the major achievements and the future space plans of these agencies. In continuation, they understood how space exploration has evolved by plotting the major events of space exploration as a timeline. Students thought about the pros and cons of space exploration using the De Bono’s yellow and black hats. Students completed their formative assessment as a tug of war activity on the topic ‘Space exploration is a waste of money’ to weigh its impact on several aspects. They wrote the first draft of their understanding,received feedback to write a revised draft. As a culmination to the unit, they attempted the summative assessment expressing their understanding of the central idea. They could exercise a choice of medium (power point presentation, book creator, etc.) to display their understanding.


Students read a passage where they analysed the importance of subject verb agreement. They wrote the rules of subject verb agreement by examining a few examples. To enhance their communication skills, students listened to an audio clip and answered a few questions about life in space.


Students created a game  as part of their summative assessment to express their understanding of number operations. They had planned the game during the winter break, and created the same in class using recycled material. They also tested their game by playing it with some of their peers.

For the concept of time, students expressed their prior knowledge using the strategy of ‘alphabet key’. They expressed their knowledge of time using as many letters of the alphabet as they could. They framed a sentence or described a situation with the words they wrote. They then shared their understanding with the class thus collating a list of terms.

The Facilitator also discussed the various aspects of time – the notations on the clock, terms related to telling time – quarter to, quarter past, half past, etc., the significance and use of 12 and 24 hr time.


To enhance their reading skills students read Hindi story ‘Bandar aur magarmachh’.They learned and highlighted the uses of ‘viraam chinha’. To enhance their speaking skills they narrated the same story in the form of a samvaad. To enhance  writing skills, students wrote the samvaad for’Bandar aur magarmachh’. Students completed their formative assessment on ‘viram chinha’.

Ab initio

Grade 4 B,C,D ab initio

Phase 1- Students developed their self-management skill through language games which enhanced their Hindi learning too. They also practised Hindi reading.
Phase 2- Students revised ‘Ref and Paden’ (रेफ और पदेन) र के रूप (different forms of ‘r’ in Hindi) जैसे -सर्दी, वर्षा, ट्रक, ड्रामा, प्रकाश आदि. Reading skill was  assessed too.      


Learners voiced their opinion in form of a group discussion wherein they shared what they wish to add, change or improve in their French language room. Taking ownership, they used creativity to set up their reading and games corner. Through a poster students displayed their understanding of academic integrity. They labelled various classroom objects and enthusiastically played games like hopscotch and guess the number to revise concepts done in the previous term. They reflected on their learning and shared their Aha moments too.


Students recapitulated the concepts related to interrogative words and verb ‘ser’ and cleared their doubts. Students also expressed ideas for creating games to enhance their language learning as a part of student agency. Students attempted to create colored slips of professions and nationalities to match them with their corresponding pronouns and verb forms.


Students learned about a new app Avatar Maker that creates an avatar cartoon photo – which is a graphical representation of any character. They learned to create a character of themselves in a simple and easy way where they chose different customization options like choose colour, change hairstyles, hats, glasses, mouth, eyes, clothes and more. Students downloaded and saved their avatars. 

Visual Art

Students inquired into surrealism art and noted down its essential elements. They also observed some visuals of the same. They have now started creating a mind map to create their work on surrealist art.


Lessons began with recapitulation of form .Students have been afforded agency to choreograph a piece to showcase during the upcoming Inter-house athletic meet.


The students learned how to create a tune using staff notations. They also created a melody  by marking the notes of the melody on the staff.

Physical Education

Students continued with their unit on Athletics where they continue to practise for the upcoming inter-house athletics meet. Some of the events planned are –  50 mts and 100 mts flat races and relay). They also practised march past during their PHE lessons.


Students reiterated the  essential agreements in the Library to ensure adherence to norms during library lessons. Students were free to choose any two genres  to read during the week. They have been engaging in playing games that aim to hone their reading capabilities too

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